Payment of $10,750,000 approved to be released to you

Your long overdue outstanding entitlement has received the attention of the Office of the Presidency on Foreign Financial Matters. Following the Meeting held recently with the Monetary Policy Regulatory Committee, the Federal Executive council and the Office of the Presidency on Foreign Financial Matters and the World Bank. A payment of $10,750,000.00 which is a part payment have been approved to be released to you.

DHL Package Delivery Notification

DHL Package Delivery Notification Subject: DHL E – Notification – Delivery Attempt Failed!!! From:   DHL Group © <> Date:   2017-11-16 To:     DELIVERY NOTIFICATION, Dear Customer, We attempted to deliver your item at 10:10 AM on November 15th,2017. The delivery attempt failed because nobody was present at the shipping address, so this notify has been […]

Millions of USD in Unclaimed Consignments/Boxes

My name is Mr. Cliff Martins, a Vault Manager with a Private Security Firm in Ghana. There is this UNCLAIMED Consignments/Boxes Deposited in our Company’s Vault for the past 15 years ago, and nobody has ever shown up for the claims and collection till date. I discovered their contents to be fiscal cash running into Millions of United States of American Dollars in $100 dollars bills/notes. I contacted you believing that you could be of a great assistance and help me to legally secure and claim these Trunk Boxes.

Nigerian scam millions

Fund Clearing House London about your funds

I am Mr David Louw of the Debt Recovery committee (DRC). In the course of our investigation, your email address / particulars were listed among the first fifteen yet to be paid hence this email. However, we received a petition yesterday from one Mrs. Christina Morgan that you are dead. If I fail to hear from you after 72 hours, it will be assumed the petition of Mrs. Morgan is true.

63 Years old Doris Fernandez has $20m to donate

My name is Mrs Doris Fernandez I am 63 years old, I am a dying woman who have decided to donate what I have to you / churches / motherless babies / less privileged / widows. Please kindly let me know if you can assist me receive my funds and distribute to charity of your choice. I am willing to give you 20% out of $USD20million for you help.

Help dying Mrs. Tan Kim Chheng with a charitable project

I and my humble-self name Mrs. Tan Kim Chheng, the CEO of Hong Kong Diamond & Jewelry Shops in Cambodia, I was recently diagnosed of cancer. I want to entrust a donation to you for a charitable project to handle on my behalf. The reason i am willing to you $25,500,000.00 USD his to continue the good work in my late husband name, to create shelter for widows, less privilege, and poor people in your communities.