Hoax.co is build and maintained by a couple of system administrators who see a lot of nasty things going through their networks. While we work hard to keep our users safe from all those bad things in their mailboxes and browsers, we came up with the idea to build this website to inform and warn many more potential victims about the possible dangers.

Hoax alertHoaxes are usually harmless, but we’ve seen hoaxes motivating users to adjust system settings in a wrong way for example. By believing the fake story and forwarding it to their friends they keep the hoax alive, effecting more and more people. You should always check if the story is real before forwarding it!

Check out some of the hoax stories we’ve published on this website!

Scams are dangerous! They usually involve criminals who are after your money and/or identiScammer Alertty details they can use for crime related things. They are pretty much harmless if you just delete or ignore the message and not act upon it. Most of the time you can easily spot a scam. If the message is a little too good to be true them you can be assured it is fake. Just read the many scam examples on this website and you get the idea how they operate. Always check if the story is real! If it asks for money or your credentials, double check the story!

Virusses are even worse! They only need you to click on a link or attachment to be activated and the damage is done. Most of the time you don’t even realise you have been infected! Your system may be used to hack other sites and/or send large amounts of spam without you noticing anything! A good antivirus protection will prevent a lot of possible infections. But you should always be on your guard when someone sends you a link or document. Even if it comes from a close friend (which happens more often than you might think). If it looks a bit ‘fishy’, don’t open it!

Check out this website so you become educated on what types of scams are going on. Some are so easy to spot, you might wonder who would ever fall for that story! But.. in other cases the scams are so good in faking a message from a friend or company that you fall for their trap before (double-)checking anything…

If you have received a hoax or scam which is not yet on this website; report it so we can warn others! If you have been a victim of a scam, share your story here!

Educate yourself! Better safe than sorry…
The hoax.co webmasters.