Richard Branson How to spot a scam before its too late

Richard Branson on how to identify and avoid scams

As a business celebrity Richard Branson has been the subject of scammers many times. Scammers impersonating him or the Virgin Group companies and/or Virgin senior management staff.

It seems fake endorsements and scams are becoming increasingly commonplace online. So besides having an anti fraud team and writing about these scams on their website they have created an animation to help people identify scams and prevent becoming a victim.

[Video] Richard Branson: How to spot a scam before it’s too late

The internet can be a wonderful place for sharing, engaging and learning. But it can also be a dangerous place if you don’t use it safely and carefully, especially as online scams are on the rise. Richard is very concerned that more and more people are being scammed by fraudsters impersonating him. Scammers often send private messages over social media or email pretending to be him or his senior team. They also use Richards name and photo to falsely endorse get-rich-quick schemes.

To learn more about identifying and avoiding scams they have unmasked go to:

If you see a scam impersonating Richard Branson or a Virgin company or someone from his staff, you can report it here:

We are very happy to see a company like Virgin taking the trouble and effort to protect people against these scams. This fun and informative video is a great new contribution for this cause.

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