What is a Lottery scam?

Prize draw/Lottery scams involve scammers making you think you have won a (big) prize and try to make you pay money in advance for ‘costs’ or “taxes”, or try to get your personal details to abuse or sell.

Lottery scams are one of the favorite types of e-mail scams created by Nigerian scammers. But some scammers will call people out-of-the-blue about ‘their prize’.

Possible signs of a Lottery scam:

  • You’ve won unexpected / You haven’t bought a ticket with that organisation.
  • You have never heard of the organisation, or it’s well known… but NOT for giving prizes away.
  • If you have to pay before getting your prize.
  • If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Unprofessional written e-mails and/or spelling mistakes.
  • Do real lottery companies give out millions by e-mail (spam)?!

If you’re not sure if it’s real, search for the headline or lottery organisation name on this site and in Google. See some Lottery scam examples on this website!

More information about Lottery scams:

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