What is an Investment scam?

Business opportunity/Investment scams involve scammers making you think they have large sums of money to invest in or with you and try to make you pay money in advance for ‘costs’ or “taxes”, or try to get your personal details to abuse or sell.

Investment scams are one of the types of e-mail scams created by Nigerian scammers. Other scammers will call people out-of-the-blue about ‘a great business opportunity’.

Possible signs of a Investment scam:

  • You’ve been contacted unexpected / You have no prior relation with that person or organisation.
  • If you have to pay before getting the funds.
  • If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Unprofessional written e-mails/ads and/or spelling mistakes.
  • Why would they really need to tell other persons about their successful opportunities

If you’re not sure if it’s real, search for the headline or organisation name on this site and in Google. See some Investment scam examples on this website!

More information about investment scams:

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