Adding a headphone socket to your iPhone 7

Video claiming drilling into iPhone 7 will reveal hidden headphone port goes viral

Prank video destroying new Apple smartphone receives 10m views, with some seemingly tricked into making 3.5mm hole in the bottom of their devices.

Watch this video from The Young Turks about this hoax

A video claiming that users can add a headphone socket to the iPhone 7, which only has a Lightning port, by drilling into the bottom of their phone has been watched almost 10m times.

The prank video shows a man drilling a 3.5mm hole into the bottom left edge of the iPhone 7 held in a vice. It points to the row of small holes on the left side that replaced the headphone socket present on the iPhone 6S and claims that drilling into the second hole on the left reveals a hidden socket.

Once the hole has been drilled the video shows an iPhone 7 playing music, although the sound comes out of the speakers, not the white headphones now inserted in the DIY hole.

The video was produced by Sacramento, California-based Ukrainian YouTuber Taras Maksimuk who “specialises in smashing technology for your pleasure” according to his profile. Some of Maksimuk’s other videos include “what happens if you microwave an iPhone 7” and “can the iPhone 7 survive in liquid nitrogen for five minutes”.

In total Maksimuk has seven separate videos showing him destroying iPhone 7s, but that seemingly hasn’t stopped people drilling holes into the bottom of their new iPhones and causing irreparable damage.


Hoax alert

Hoax alert! The video described above is a HOAX. You can’t really create a speakerphone by just drilling a hole in your iPhone 7! Doing so will possibly destroy your iPhone!

Please ignore this DIY video hoax and warn others about it.

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