Help Melvin M. Hansley from HSBC to transfer money stolen by soldiers

Subject: Hello. Goodday
From:   Melvin M.Hansley. <>
Date:   2018-02-05
To:   your@email.address

Hello. Goodday,

I got your email address from a business directory. I am Melvin
M.Hansley, a security manager of (HSBC Bank) I have urgent and
very confidential business proposal for you as rightly unveiled
I work with the above mentioned bank and need a partner who can
make claim a deposited fund. It was deposited by a US soldier
from the 3rd Infantry Division, The soldier doesn’t want anyone
from his office or top officers to know he deposited this funds
with our bank.

I wish to solicit your partnership to come forward for this claim
of ($25,000,000.00 Twenty five millions United State Dollars.)
The soldier need a honest trust reliable person that can assist
him to receive the funds and invest the funds. I will give you
all necessary information to come forward for the claim of the
funds, The soldier is ready to go 50/50 with you. %50 for you and
%50 for him and both of you will give to me 10% for assisting.

You can see the photograph of the soldier who came to deposit the
money with our bank, this funds have stay long with us for 3
years now without the soldier coming back for the claim, He show
me the below picture on how he and his team got the money at
Baghdad and share between them self.

Also news headline:

There are bank bonds worth several millions of US Dollars
deposited by soldiers and since then they never came back for it,
We need to work as team so that I can apply for the transfer of
the funds to you. I will apply with a power of attorney to
change the depositor names to yours for the claim of the funds as
a partner of the soldier.
I hope you understand.
Thanks, Yours sincerely,
Melvin M.Hansley. Tel: +1 4045

Scammer Alert

Scam alert! The E-mail above is a SCAM. It’s a Nigerian Money scam, the story and all names & roles are fake. HSBC has nothing to do with this. They have fantasized this story based on a news report about soldiers in Iraq. The scammers will most likely ask you for money upfront as ‘costs’ before you get the ‘funds’ (which you will never get offcourse).

If you’ve received this by e-mail than mark it as SPAM (if possible) and/or DELETE it.

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