Cooperate with Dr. Phillip Henry from the European Central Bank to move 8.5m

I am Dr. Phillip Henry working with the European Central Bank here in 60640 FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY. I write to contact you over a very important business transaction which will be of our interest and benefit to our both families. I am seeking your co-operation to present you as the one to benefit from his fund of 8,500,000.00 at his death since you have the same name.

WAMI Approved Outstanding Contract/Inheritance Payment

Due to the series of serious complaints and allegations from innocent creditors/contractors of the fraudulent and incessant extortions meted to them all over West African states but especially Nigeria, the governments of all ECOWAS states met and through the consortium of West African Central Bank Governors formed the WEST AFRICAN MONETARY INSTITUTE (WAMI) with sole objective of transferring funds to all owed creditors whose funds have long been approved but unpaid.

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Federal Reserve Bank Dallas about your $56m

Your name is enlisted among the beneficiary whose fund was approved for payment by the Board and Governors of Federal Reserve Bank, and we have been waiting for you to contact us to claim your funds worth $56 Million dollar. To our surprise, one Mrs. Brenda Miller came forward for the fund, that you asked her to claim the fund on your behalf with documentary evidence which we are not sure of it source.

Nigerian scam millions

James Walter’s quest to find a reliable trustee to manage $15m

My name is James Walter an attorney by profession. In my quest to find a reliable trustee to manage the assets/estate of my late client valued at $15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million US Dollars), I decided to write this proposal, hoping to have a profitable business relationship with you. I shall be willing to supply you with more detailed information concerning this business upon hearing from you.

Mrs Josse Willimas and Mrs Susan Armstrong want to donate

Mrs Suse: My Name is Mrs Susan Armstrong am from Denmark, I would like to work with you to carry out a promise i made to God by willing all that have to the charity because i am too sick now. God bless You Best Regard. Mrs Susan. Mrs Josse: I would like to work with you to carry out a promise i made to God by willing all that have to the charity. God bless You. Mrs Josse Willimas.

Mr. Seng from the FTB has an interesting business proposal for you

I am Ly Seng, a personal Accountant/Executive board of Directors working with Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia(FTB). I have an interesting business proposal for you that will be of immense benefit to both of us. Although this may be hard for you to believe, we stand to gain a huge amount between us in a matter of days.

Financial Management Advisory Services Limited

I, Martin Jones, am making this contact from FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ADVISORY SERVICES LIMITED, an Investment and Wealth Management Establishment here in the ISLE OF MAN, United Kingdom. I do have the mandate of a PRIVATE client to handle the investment and management of over US$900M. If you are in need of funding we would be delighted to work with you.