Mangos and Coke Death Warning Hoax

Circulating message warns you not to consume aerated drinks such as Coca Cola after eating mangos because the two combined can form a potent poison that can cause instant death. The message relates the story of an Indian tourist who died after eating mangos and consuming Coke.

Brief Analysis:
The claims are utter nonsense. There are no credible medical or news reports that confirm the story in any way. Mangos and Coke do not and cannot combine to form a deadly poison as claimed. These are foods that are eaten together by many thousands of people around the world with no ill effect whatsoever.

Recently an Indian tourist to China, ate few mango (fanas) and immediately thereafter consumed Coca Cola. Within short time he collapsed. He was taken to hospital and was declared dead. The Doctor then revealed that After mango, no aerated drinks should be consumed “as this combination turns into very potent poison, instantly capable of killing a human.This is season for mango and our family or friends should not commit this mistake. by taking such soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi etc…should, if at all, be consumed at least after 8 hours of eating mango, as this fruit takes a lot of time to get fully digested.Please share with family, and with those whom you care for

Detailed Analysis:
According to a would-be warning that is circulating via social media, you should never drink aerated beverages such as Coca Cola after eating mangos because the combination of the two can kill you. The message cites a case in which an Indian tourist in China died after eating mangos and then consuming Coca Cola straight after. It warns that aerated drinks and mangos combined can turn into a very potent poison that is ‘instantly capable of killing a human’.

However, the claims in the supposed warning are utter nonsense.  Both mangos and coke are products that are consumed by a great many people all around the world every single day. And, they will very often be consumed together. Given the popularity of the two products, a great many people in many different locations would have died from consuming them if the poison claims were true. Yet, there are no credible news or medical reports that support the claims that people have died after drinking coke and eating mangos. And, of course, if the claims were true, official warnings about consuming the products together would be widely publicised via food and drink labels and websites, government health advisories, and news reports all around the world.

There is no scientific basis to the claim that aerated soft drink and mangos can somehow magically combine to create a deadly poison. It seems likely that the callous prankster who launch this silly hoax simply made up the story.  It is quite similar to another recent hoax that falsely claims that consuming Mentos and Coke together leads to instant death from cyanide poisoning.

Sharing this hoax warning will do nothing other than spread fear and alarm.  If the hoax comes your way, do not share it on your networks.  And, please let the sender know that the claims in the warning are untrue.

Mangos and coke death warning

Last updated: June 3, 2016
First published: June 3, 2016
By Brett M. Christensen
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No, Consuming Pepsi And Mentos Does NOT Lead To Instant Death From Cyanide Poisoning


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