Stuart Symington, Ambassador to Nigeria, about your $5m ATM CARD

This is Ambassador Stuart Symington. I shall be coming to your country for an official meeting and I will be bringing your funds through an ATM Master CARD of $5 million US Dollars. As an ambassador to Nigeria I have the veto power to go through customs. As soon as I am through with the meeting I shall then proceed to your address to bring the package.

Pastor Mark Richard about your $5m ATM CARD

This is to Inform you that your MASTER ATM CARD is ready for delivery with card Number: 5399 4111 0244 8161, which will be attached in our next email and It has been approved and upgraded in your favor. Meanwhile, your Secret Pin Number is 6312. The ATM Card Value is $5 Million Dollars Only. To pay those scammed victims from Asia, America and Europe.

Your $6.4m ATM Visa Card from First Bank Nigeria

Note that you have a registered ATM VISA CARD of ($6.400.000.00 USD) to be delivered to you by, DHL Company. Having review all the obstacles and problems surrounding the transfer of your Six Million Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars, We the Board of Directors (FIRST BANK PLC) ordered our Foreign Payment Remittance Unit to issue you a CORPORATE VISA CARD where your payment was uploaded few days ago.

Nigerian scam

The UN and Zenith bank about your $4.5m ATM Card

Collect your ATM CARD worth US$4,500,000 payment. Just concluded investigations today by the FBI in conjunction with the E.F.C.C, has revealed that your email is among the list of people who have never received any of their payments among lottery, inheritance, compensation and awarded contract funds and victims who have lost a lot of money to scammers while trying to claim their funds.

Call Pastor Mark Richard for your $5m Master Card

This is to Inform you that your MASTER ATM CARD is ready for delivery with card Number: 5399 4111 0244 8161. The ATM Card Value is $5Million Dollars Only. We are mandated to pay those scammed victims from Asia, America, and Europe, your Name and Email Address where among listed as one of the lucky beneficiaries due to be compensated. We are only doing this to retain the good image of this country Nigeria West Africa.

ATM Credit Funds Machine hacking services

We are a professional carding team with a large ring around the globe. With over 2 million ATM infected with our malware and skimmers, we can grab bank card data which include the track 1 and track 2 with the card pin. We clone and sell this cards to all our customers and interested buyers worldwide, the card has a daily withdrawal limit of $2500 on ATM and up to $50,000 spending limit on in stores.