We have $10.5 million US dollars funds belonging to you

Greetings to you from LCL Bank Levallois-Perret, France and New York Central USA. I’m André Benjamin Head of Operations and Management. I use translator and hope you can understand my writings. Some undisclosed Nigerian government officials tried to divert your funds $10.5 million through this Bank and after our investigations and proper checks, we confirmed that this funds was originally approved to you through the Presidency office in Nigeria.

Trunk boxes containing US dollars found in Iraq

My name is Krause Good. I am a member of the US ARMY Team deployed to Iraq because of the current ISIS problems. I and my team mates discovered trunk boxes containing American dollars. Am looking for a trust worthy individual who will assist me to receive the funds in his country before l will come over and join the person.

Nigerian scam millions

The UK’s Treasury Department about your unclaimed funds

The United Kingdom’s Treasury Department receives over £10bn every year from unclaimed estates; forgotten funds; abandoned shares and dormant accounts. This letter is about the death of my Late client Edward. I am contacting you because you bear the same last-name with my late client. I want to know if you are in anyway related to my late client.

Help Mary Dike move $12.1m out of her corrupt country

I am a widow and I am about to go for retirement that is why I need to have money to take care of my family as my country is too corrupte and nobody cares about widows. Do not be afraid or surprise on how you will be one of the beneficiary to receive this funds, I will make it possible so after you receive the funds, you will take 50% of the $12.1Million.

Help Melvin M. Hansley from HSBC to transfer money stolen by soldiers

I am Melvin M. Hansley, a security manager of HSBC Bank. I wish to solicit your partnership to come forward for a claim of $25,000,000.00 Twenty five millions United State Dollars which was deposited by a US soldier from the 3rd Infantry Division. The soldier is ready to go 50/50 with you and both of you will give to me 10% for assisting.