DHL Package Delivery Notification

DHL Package Delivery Notification Subject: DHL E – Notification – Delivery Attempt Failed!!! From:   DHL Group © <> Date:   2017-11-16 To:     DELIVERY NOTIFICATION, Dear Customer, We attempted to deliver your item at 10:10 AM on November 15th,2017. The delivery attempt failed because nobody was present at the shipping address, so this notify has been […]

Fishing scams

We noticed unusual activity in your PayPal account

Subject: We noticed unusual activity in your PayPal account From:   your@email.address Date:   2017-10-23 To:   your@email.address PayPal Suspicious Activity Last Update 0:33 PM, 22 Oct 2017 Dear Customer For your protection, your PayPal ID is automatically disabled. We detect unauthorized Login Attempts to your PayPal ID from other IP Location. Please verify your identity today or […]

Paying CJIB NL fines with Bitcoin

E-mail from the Dutch fine authority (CJIB): U hееft ееn bеsсhikking еn vеrvоlgеns twее ааnmаningеn оntvаngеn оvеr hеt оvеrtrеdеn vаn ееn vеrkееrsvооrsсhrift. Wij hеbbеn u mееrdеrе mаlеn реr briеf vеrzосht оm dе bеtаling tе vоldоеn. Hеt ореnstааndе bеdrаg is tоt hеdеn niеt ор dе rеkеning vаn hеt сеntrааl Justitiееl Inсаssоburеаu (СJIВ) bijgеsсhrеvеn.

Fake email alert: Ticketek ticket scam

Unexpected emails from Ticketek with a ‘ticket confirmation’ to an upcoming event. Highly realistic but fake messages aimed at luring you to click on a link to print tickets, and are most likely timed to coincide with the respective Grand Finals occurring over the weekend. But instead of downloading tickets, you’ll be downloading malware!